by bike

Parking’s available but limited, so beach locals may want to use a little pedal power.


Flip flops, sneaks, chucks, boots – whatever your kicks, bear feet down the street or the beach for hassle-free transport. We’ve got plenty of cold beverages to cool you off when you arrive.

beachside buggies

A new way get around Atlantic, Neptune and Jax Beach, Beachside Buggies will pick you up and deliver you to the festival in an open air electric cart. Best part, rides are free. The buggies will be picking up and dropping off at Lynch’s Irish Pub. Drivers work for tips so be sure to show some love. Download their mobile app from the Apple app store (here’s the link) and make your request!


Do Mother Earth and your fellow festival fans a favor, reduce traffic and leave more parking for others by carpooling. While you’re on the way, belt out some country with your own version of carpool karaoke. Share the video on your favorite social channel with #csicountryfest so we can all enjoy the fun!


Tap an app for a ride. While you save a few bucks and the time searching for parking, you’re also supporting local small business folks.


Although you can skate your way to the Seawalk Pavilion, you’ll need to stow your board, because they’re not permitted inside the festival grounds.

public parking

You can find more than 1,000 parking spaces inside the Central Business District. Most street ends on First Street in Jax Beach have public parking and beach access. On-street parking is also available on Third Street and Second Street. Public parking lots located at:


Jacksonville Beach Pier and N. 5th & 6th Avenues
1st Street & 4th Avenue
2nd Street and 2nd Avenue

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